National Document specializes in the following:

Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act, commonly referred to as CTA a is another step towards reducing money laundering, tax fraud, terrorist financing and other illicit activities. We make FinCEN compliance easy by filing your BOI.

Corporate Filings

With our vast and qualified network of governmental agencies and experienced correspondents, your nationwide corporate filings are processed in an accurate and timely manner.

Corporate Document Retrieval

We can retrieve corporate documents from any jurisdiction. Good Standings, Charter Documents, Annual Reports, Specialty Certificates, Tax Clearance or any other offerings from various State/Federal Corporate Divisions.

UCC Filings

To ensure the accurate filings of your UCC financing statements, we submit your filings at the proper office, obtain your acknowledgement copy where available, and promptly return them to your safekeeping.

Due Diligence Searches

We cover all of your due diligence search needs at the state and county levels pertaining to but not limited to: UCC, Fixture Filings*, Federal Tax Liens*, State Tax Liens*, Judgment Liens*, ERISA Liens, EPA Liens, Medical Liens, Litigation & Bankruptcy Searches.

Registered Agent Services

Whether you have one entity or several, National Document can provide nationwide agent services. You can feel confident that your business will stay in compliance and you will receive all important notices in a timely and efficient manner.

Legalizations and Apostilles

Do you need to obtain or send documents for use overseas? You may need to obtain document Legalization or an Apostille certificate in order to make sure your documents are acceptable for use on foreign soil.

Corporate Kits

The Federal Government requires that corporations keep current records of meetings, structure, policies and shareholder information. Corp Kits keep this information in a convenient, organized and professional manner.

Independent Director

An independent director is designated when a special purpose entity has been created that is normally a commercial real estate property. The primary role of an independent director is to sit impartially on the board between the lender and the borrower and to vote on a proposed bankruptcy or review if already in motion. Lenders require this and National Document has the resources to provide an experienced and qualified independent director.

If a service/search feature isn't listed above, Ask us!!

*Where Applicable